In String Theory, you must solve puzzles by manipulating the level itself. Bring the circle to the end, and help him explore the weird dimension he ended up in!
Strings (lines) can be manipulated by clicking and dragging. Bring the colored circle to the end (dark circle) to finish the puzzle.
Some lines are breakable if hit with enough force.
If the level has two exits, both shapes need to enter their respective ends (circle -> circle exit)

If the game does not load for you, please try Google Chrome!

The Goal

String Theory was created during Ludum Dare 35. The game was rated #30 out of 1594 entries!
The theme of the gamejam was 'Shapeshift'.
Our Ludum Dare page can be found here.

The Team

Lukas Donkers - Programmer
Arthur Brussee - Programmer
Esmeralda Massaut - Narrative & Art
Daniël Wewerinke - Level Design
Don Chorus - Sound Design
Raimundo Aldunate - Voice Acting
Edwin Donkers - Voice Acting


StringTheory.apk 64 MB


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